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Open Crit - Support Race - BICRL

Event 4

5 June Criterium - Banbridge Town Centre

BCC Lead Club: Details


On Wed 5th June BCC will host a Criterium in Banbridge Town Centre as part of the Ulster Championships.

With some purpose and imagination the BICRL  will take part as a support race, with the results included as event 4 in this years series. This is invitation only, with clubs required to nominate their respective squads.

In summary;  Each club will enter a team of 8 riders, made up of 2 x A3's, 3 x A4's & 3 x LC's.  32 riders in total.

At the end of lap 2 the last 2 riders across the line will be eliminated and thus score 31 and 32 points for their club.   The last 2 riders across the line for every lap thereafter are eliminated scoring respective points for their placing, until only 4 riders are left.   They get 3 laps on their own to race it out for the win. 

If the race is running over it may be that eliminations may stop sooner,  allowing a select number of riders to race it out at the end.  2 prime laps at approx 10 mins & 20 mins.  Estimated race length 30-35 mins based on a 20/21 mph avg.

Please be aware that there will be some traffic disruption in the immediate area, with the following key timings for the evening

Course Setup 16:30 - 18:30

Close Circuit 17:30

Sign-On 18:00

Rider Practice 18:40 - 18:50

BICRL Support Race 19:00 - 19:45

Main Race 20:00 - 20:50

Podium Presentations 21:00:00

Open Roads 21:30:00

Please show your support for this event by coming along to support the riders and your club. Below is a little video that helps demonstrate what you can expect .