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Open Crit - Support Race - BICRL

Event 4

5 June Criterium - Banbridge Town Centre

BCC Lead Club: Details  https://banbridgecc.squarespace.com/banbridgecrit2019


On Wed 5th June BCC will host a Criterium in Banbridge Town Centre as part of the Ulster Championships.

With some purpose and imagination the BICRL  will take part as a support race, with the results included as event 4 in this years series. This is invitation only, with clubs required to nominate their respective squads.

In summary;  Each club will enter a team of 8 riders, made up of 2 x A3's, 3 x A4's & 3 x LC's.  32 riders in total.

At the end of lap 2 the last 2 riders across the line will be eliminated and thus score 31 and 32 points for their club.   The last 2 riders across the line for every lap thereafter are eliminated scoring respective points for their placing, until only 4 riders are left.   They get 3 laps on their own to race it out for the win. 

If the race is running over it may be that eliminations may stop sooner,  allowing a select number of riders to race it out at the end.  2 prime laps at approx 10 mins & 20 mins.  Estimated race length 30-35 mins based on a 20/21 mph avg.

Please be aware that there will be some traffic disruption in the immediate area, with the following key timings for the evening

Course Setup 16:30 - 18:30

Close Circuit 17:30

Sign-On 18:00

Rider Practice 18:40 - 18:50

BICRL Support Race 19:00 - 19:45

Main Race 20:00 - 20:50

Podium Presentations 21:00:00

Open Roads 21:30:00

Please show your support for this event by coming along to support the riders and your club. Below is a little video that helps demonstrate what you can expect .

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Maxwell Cup - Interclub Road Race Annaclone

Event 2

15 May RR - Annaclone Circuit x 4 laps (Route as per 2018 event)

BCC Lead Club 

Post Event FB Post:

It would be inaccurate to suggest that most are unaware of the phrase "Don't poke the Bear" but that is exactly what VCI did in Event 1, when taking a lead in this years race series.. BCC in fairness have been busy with a number of major projects taking focus, not least of which includes hosting The Tour of Ulster over the May Day weekend.

In Event 2, they went one stage further to give the Bear a bloody nose. 

With the continuing good weather and favourable conditions, 73 riders started Event 2 on the familiarly testing Annaclone Race Circuit. 4 Laps of just over 31 miles total, awaited the field split into 6 groups. 21 minutes was the spread of handicaps, with all clubs well represented and spread fairly evenly amongst the groups. Group 1 left at 7.00pm with 7 minutes on Group 2, who had 6 mins on Group 3, with Groups 4, 5 and 6 at +4mins, + 4mins.

As always frantic pace and tempo was driven by adrenalin and a hard desire to perform for your club. The first laps saw some shake out although for 3 laps positions largely held station,,with only those dropping from their respective groups being caught, Lap 4 brought several groups together (group 2 and 3) to contest the higher placings. Ahead 3 riders from group 1 stayed away with young Frank Finley of CCC displaying a strong performance underscored by some climbing prowess, when on the final pass at Mays Corner breaking off the front with still around 4 miles from home. A plucky move! . Jeremy Lyness and Johnathon Dundas of VCI, both in their first RR in VCI colours gave chase but had to settle with 2nd and 3rd respectfully.

With the points all tallied up it was VCI who took the club points punctuating they're threat signalled in Event 1. TVR further adding to BCC's misery, with a very creditable 2nd placed club, David White, Aiden McGinley and Mark Williamson leading home.  Looking at the positions, it appears that a strong mid section paid off for both clubs. VCI now leads the competition going into Event 3 which is a Team Time Trial, starting near Loughbrickland on Wednesday 22nd.

Great racing and greic was the spirit in which all took part. Of the 73 starters 62 finished and we thank each and everyone for their efforts and support. Our appreciation always to our static marshals, lead car drivers and all the admin support and time keepers.

 6 Days and we go again.

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